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Welcome to this Repository of Qs & As!

Don't let the "formatting language" of a wiki page puts you off. It's not rocket science as you can see here.

What is this site for?

Simply put: A place where to keep and quickly find those answers to those recurrent questions in our lives.

Ask yourself

Can I easily remember or find on the web the answer to my question if I need it again?

If the answer is NO then this site if for you!

Ready to start building your own Questions and Answers (Q&A) Repository?

To keep this site true to its objective of easy access to answers...

  • Keep in mind that this is not a forum where to ask questions for others to answer. It's us who contribute answers difficult to find
  • It help us all if we contribute to keep the general structure of the site. Build the structure from general subjects to the specific ones
  • Keep your Q&As entries simple, preferably in step-by-step format. Use external links to reference to larger amounts of information

Table of Contents

Questions or comments about this site?

Feel free to comment or discuss your ideas for this site in the discussion page. If needed, you can resource to our Help page

That's all folks! Welcome once again and happy writing and easy finding of answers to your common questions!